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Privacy Policy 

Welcome To eBhabhi.COM
You need to know what we do on our website. Do we collect your information? 
When you come to our website, you get to see a form in which we ask you the name, email, so that we ask so that whenever we enter a new post, you get the information immediately. And yes, filling this form is not necessary for everyone, if you can fill this form on your own wish.
Visiting our website is absolutely free. We do not register in any way.

Do you know how we monetize our website?

We earn from website. But the method we use is Google's adsense program.
Google adsense is the online program of a Google company, with the help of which we monetize our website with Google adsense. Google is a 100% secure website that does not harm anyone of any kind. Google is a third party company that serves ads on our website.

Use of Google Cookies.

You also need to know whether we use Google cookies on our website or not? I would like to tell you that we use Google Ads to show advertisements on our website. Therefore, what kind of advertisement the visitor has to show, what kind of product or what the visitor is interested in determines all these cookies. That's why Google uses cookies.

Cookies are small files that range in size from 1 KB to 10KB in any browser. Cookies do not harm anyone. They only help us and Google to identify the visitor's interest.

Do we save your data?

We do not save any type of data you have filled because your data is of no use to us. Yes, it is different that Google cookies are automatically saved. But it is used to make advertising even more fun for visitors. Some data that you submit form is used to share information from any side of you.

We protect your data.

We do not use any information, form or comment which you fill in, nor do we share this data with anyone. We can use some data, such as if a visitor has commented, to reply to it or to do any kind of help.

Do we report visitors to any outside party?

Our website does not share any type of data. Some use links so that the user can get even more information. These are links that are some no-follow and do-follow. But for your safety, we do not add such links in our website, which harm a visitor.

Terms & Conditions You accept our Terms & Conditions. We change our privacy policy anytime. Whenever we make some changes in our privacy policy, you will be notified. This policy starts today from 28/09/2020.

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Email: OnlineHelpAshok@Gmail.Com

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